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“Titans” trailer debuts … wait, what did you say, Robin?

Normally, TV shows and series are outside the mandate of this site, or at least they are for now.

But this is kinda big — too big to ignore, really.

DC Universe, the eagerly-awaited online subscription service, dropped their first official trailer for “Titans” this morning. “Titans” is their initial subscribers-only programming offering.

One thing’s for sure — it looks, well, dark.

Now, admittedly, it’s the first trailer. It’s way too early to hate, and if you’ve followed me long enough, you know I save that word for when it’s really deserved.

But it’s certainly not too early to be skeptical, and just how hard this initial offering seems to try to be edgy, dark, and angry should arouse some skepticism.

What stands out? Well, you saw it in the subject line. Pretty early on you have to be saying to yourself something along the lines of “Wait, what did you say, Robin? I’m going to tell Alfred — someone’s going to get a mouthful of Lifebuoy soap, young man!”

Then there’s the fact that not a single scene included in this trailer seems to take place in daylight. Come on — is that really necessary? Even “Gotham” has daytime scenes, doesn’t it?

In all seriousness, the aesthetic here somewhat resembles another ill-fated TV series based on DC Comics, 2002’s “Birds of Prey.” It’s dark, it’s violent, it seeks to honor its comic book origins while also providing a vehicle for young actors exploring flawed, angsty, and slightly scary characters.

Those characters include — at least initially — Robin, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire. Raven is very prominent in the trailer, her appearance and core conflict seeming to drive the group coming together.

Getting back to “Birds of Prey,” though, that show didn’t last beyond its first season. Though the dynamics of series produced for subscription services are different, I can’t imagine this series would be any less expensive or risky to produce.

Arguably, there’s even more risk here in the sense that this program has to be a driving force behind incentivizing subscriptions, much as “Star Trek: Discovery” was for CBS All Access last year.

Beyond hardcore DC fans, will this trailer for DC’s first MA-TV rated series drive sign-ups the same way?

Color me unconvinced, Batman.

Might I be sold later on it? Sure — I’m always hopeful for DC to get things right when it comes to TV and films.

But right now … yeah, I’m really just thinking “Lighten up, Dick.”


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