About the Author

Felix Albuerne Jr

Yes, it’s still me. Clueless Critic. Once and Future King. Film Buff.

The last time I updated this page, I was an independent film reviewer, and alas, for the moment, I am, again.

What happened? All I can say is that the powers-that-be at my last venue “pulled the plug.” Hence, this site’s new name.

What hasn’t changed despite all those venue changes is, quite obviously, ME. But who is that?

I’m Felix Albuerne Jr. I’m a Star Trek devotee, a recovering comic book addict, a passionate football and baseball fan, a Miami expatriate and a current proud resident of one of the most progressive cities in Florida, St. Petersburg. Since 2009 I’ve written film reviews for my own podcast, Prime Time Geek (2009 – 2011), CBS Radio (2012-2014), Monkeys Fighting Robots (2015-2016) and Spectrum News (2017-2018).

I’ve been known on-air by quite a few names — one day I’ll have them all on a mug, like Dr. Johnny Fever on “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

-Felix the Hep Cat
-Prime Time Geek
-Uncle FeeFee
-Clueless Critic
-King Felix at the Movies
-Felix Marquez

I love going to movies, talking about movies, and writing about movies, and thus my goal is and always has been to provide a perspective on contemporary film that’s insightful and nuanced, but still accessible to those, like me, who’ve never so much as sat in on a formal film course. If the content here ever starts to come off as too academic, too stuffy, and too hoighty-toighty to be an enjoyable read, don’t hesitate to let me know in your comments. This site exists for YOU, the movie lover, and so if it’s ever inaccessible to you, I need to know about it.

Happy reading!