Felix Albuerne Jr.

I’m Felix Albuerne Jr. I’m a Star Trek devotee, a recovering comic book addict, a passionate football and baseball fan, a Miami expatriate and a current proud resident of one of the most progressive cities in Florida, St. Petersburg. Since 2009 I’ve written film reviews for my own podcast, Prime Time Geek (2009 – 2011), CBS Radio (2012-2014), Monkeys Fighting Robots (2015-2016) and Spectrum News (2017-2018). I’ve been known on-air by quite a few names — one day I’ll have them all on a mug, like Dr. Johnny Fever on “WKRP in Cincinnati.” -Felix the Hep Cat -Prime Time Geek -Uncle FeeFee -Clueless Critic -King Felix at the Movies -Felix Marquez